Siren Bubbling Bath Truffles
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Siren Bubbling Bath Truffles

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There’s no denying how fun bath bombs are. As soon as they hit the water they start fizzing, moving around the tub, and releasing color. But have you ever used a bubbling bath truffle? The experience is a bit different but just as fun. As you break them up under the running faucet, they slowly produce creamy, fluffy bubbles. It’s a luxurious experience unlike any other. 

If you’re ready for some bubbly goodness, give these Siren Bubbling Bath Truffles a try. They have all the components of a great truffle – Big fluffy bubbles, Shea and cocoa butter to moisturize, and the signature fluffy texture. These bars also have a wonderful sea-inspired scent and it will feel like you’re at the beach every time you use a bar.

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